Peer-to-peer-consulting - on virtual collaboration:
Information for interested PTB staff and PTB experts

An offer from the working group “Capacity Development” of PTB’s International Cooperation

Peer-to-peer consulting is fun, allows a chance of perspective and is inspiring.

The transfer of project work to the virtual space has brought new challenges for all of us. The peer-to-peer consulting with a specific focus on virtual collaboration in project work is a valuable opportunity to have your (=case provider/ advice seeker) questions answered quickly and efficiently by your colleagues. It is open for PTB staff and experts working in PTB projects. All participants (= peer advisors) can learn and take something for their own project work.  

What are the issues regarding the transition to virtual work that concern me currently? What questions or problems can be brought to the consulting hour?

Everything is possible! Below are several examples of issues that were addressed in the peer-to-peer consulting.

  • How do I build relationships of trust with new project partners remotely?
  • How do I deal with language diversity at multilateral virtual workshops?
  • How do I organize a virtual meeting, e.g. steering committee meeting, planning or workshop?
  • How can I integrate the use of exciting and user-friendly tools in my online seminar (taking into account PTB’s data protection regulations)?

What is in it for me? My benefit!

  • Have your own questions answered in an efficient way
  • Develop quick and creative solutions and approaches by drawing on the knowledge and experience of your colleagues
  • Acquire new perspectives, develop your own consulting skills and strengthen your digital competencies
  • Peer advisors learn from each other as well and build on each other’s ideas; so the wisdom of the colleagues as a group is harnessed - everyone leaves with a bigger idea in the pocket than what they came in with
  • Strengthen your networks through trustful collaboration

What is needed?

  • 1 case provider = advice seeker: brings his or her question or issue to the consulting hour
  • 4 – 6 other participants = peer advisors: provide consulting and advice; brainstorm solutions to the challenge (everyone is welcome; no specific know-how is necessary)
  • One hour of your time. It takes longer to solve the issue/question on your own! Or you can learn from your colleagues and save time in the future.

Interested to be a case provider (=advice seeker) or a participant (=peer advisor)?

  • Get in touch with the contact persons listed below and describe your issue and availability
  • Scheduling the meeting, search and selection of participants and organization/coordination is taken case of by Suzana Lange and Laura Haeussler
  • Lessons learned from the peer-to-peer consulting will be summarized in an anonymized form in the Capacity Development Online Navigator so that they can be accessible to all PTB projects

Contact persons:

Laura Haeussler: Head of the Working Group “Capacity Development”
Suzana Lange:   Coordinator for peer-to-peer consulting within Capacity Development Online



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