Tixeo – Secure Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing tool from France, strictly following high standards for data security. Users need to download the application on their computer or smartphone. This tool is in line with PTB’s data security requirements.


  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • Screen and application sharing, including handing over control to another participant
  • Chat function (with the whole group or individuals). To use the individual chat (suitable as a backup communication channel for the moderation or organizing team), other users have to be added as a contact.
  • Participants can adjust the streaming quality to a lower setting if their connection is weak/CPU use is high
  • Meeting room (all can use video and microphone), conference room (only selected participants can use video and microphone). The setting can be configured beforehand when organizing the meeting.
  • Breakout sessions through “self-selection”
  • Spontaneous videocalls and chats to contacts (similar to Skype)
  • Recording and live streaming

Number of participants

Depends on the license, currently (until 08/2021) up to 70 at the same time for the whole group 9.3.


    • No polling function
    • No hand-raising function (request right to speak only in conference mode)
    • Download and installation of application needed beforehand
    • Every participant needs to register as a user/create an account beforehand
    • Impossible to join the meeting room before official start time of the meeting
    • Hard limit on total participants in meetings (depending on the license)
      • Duration of meetings needs to be planned and considered beforehand (coordination with the group 9.3; meeting might end automatically when scheduled period is over)
      • Last-minute participants might not be able to get a spot if the limit is reached, even if registered users do not show up

    User considerations and troubleshooting

    • A “beep” sound notification for hosts whenever someone joins the meeting or when a new chat message is posted while the “chat” window is not open
    • Best to be used with two screens, if screen sharing is used
    • No notification displayed if a direct call is missed


    is not automatically sent to the host

    medium-sized groups

    (especially the breakout sessions) are intuitive. Detailed instructions need to be provided for first-time users to avoid confusion

    be in “presentation” mode before sharing

    to create their accounts and download the application beforehand

    is highly recommended to make sure participants can connect with audio and video.

    otherwise there is a risk that the meeting ends automatically if there are other meetings scheduled afterwards

    see Avoiding Technical Difficulties.


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